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Who we are

We are creating apps for mobile devices, using the latest cross-platform technology in order to provide the solutions no having imitation in another known solutions in global trade of application.

Why? our idea is: Nothing is impossible. Only you need to do show us your problem no matter from which area it comes, we are able to determine the source of the problem and implement optimal solution furthermore creating matched tools.

How? We have very good experiences about finance, accounting, human resources, controlling, logistics, production management, supply chain, reporting and analyzing business data also good knowledge of process mapping and optimization.

What? We are delivering both missing elements in processes or active systems and comprehensive solutions including technical supports.

We are creating software for mobile platform both for old devices like based on Windows CE and newest based on Windows Phone, Android or iOS. The applications can take over functionality outdated systems which support has expired but also apply completely new solution using all of the advantages new devices base on Android appliances. The native application in cooperation with web application give us unlimited possibilities and bring new quality in the functioning of companies.

Our software can be delivered together with devices and also servers which are available at any time from anywhere in the world with the option load-balancing. We can deliver devices together with software in the indicated location to the customer or software installed on customer devices.

A lot of interest has enjoyed the service of analyzing and design in the field of warehouse logistics which the purpose of which is to deliver preliminary ready environment in one-week using RF terminal devices (QR, RFID, Barcodes). We can fill the gap in existing logistics processes and assess what needs to be done in order to improve the process that requires improvement. During that service, the software can be repeatedly modified according to current needs and taken into account amendments. Within this type of solution is possible applicable RF devices for the special task as an inventory atypical capital(for example takeover Warehouse / Company), checking the existing system and its credibility, outsourcing the service and also the implementation of requirements ISO or HACAP.

Our team

Andrzej Przybylski

Chairman of the Board

Andrzej Przybylski

Chairman of the Board

Database Specialist ETL,SSIS, SSAS, SRS BI

Phone: +48 696 977 622

Wojciech Ochyra

Member of the Board

Wojciech Ochyra

Member of the Board

Specialist in ASP.Net MVC C # ETL,SSIS, SSAS, SRS B

Phone: +48 883 995 501

Our partners

One of our business partners is Crazy Lab, which specializes in the design, engraving and laser cutting of some plastics.

Crazy Lab use our online shop worked on our servers.

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